Hidden Champion Deebio’s 26th Anniversary of Bio-enzyme Export to Japan


CHENGDU, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / August 20, 2021 / “Deebio’s 26th Anniversary Celebration of Export to Japan” was successfully held in Chengdu, China, on March 29. Professor Yu Rong, Director of the Department of Biotechnology and Pharmacology of the West China School of Pharmacy, Sichuan University, Dr. Tang Can, Associate Professor of the School of Biological Sciences and Technology of Chengdu Medical College, and Mr. Tan Ting, General Manager of Beijing Minkang Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., attended the celebration.

Since its establishment in 1994, Sichuan Deebio Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Deebio) has focused on the bio-enzyme raw material market. Deebio has developed into a global industry leader from a small regional factory. In advantage of its world-leading natural bio-enzyme production and R&D capabilities, its products are sold to more than 30 countries around the world, with the largest global market share for its many kinds of products. With many years of hard work but little publicity, Deebio has become a low-profile and pragmatic “hidden champion” in the industry.



Maintaining High Quality and Leading the Global Market

“Quality is the life of Deebio,” said Zhang Ge, Board Chairman and President of Deebio, in an interview.

Deebio’s bio-enzyme API products have reached the highest global standards. The products are of high activity, high purity, and high stability, meeting the diverse product specifications of partners. The high-quality products have not only earned GMP certification in China and EU-GMP in Europe, but also passed the audit of Sanofi, Celltrion, and Nichi-Iko.

The unremitting efforts for high quality have brought Deebio a broader market. In the early days of its establishment, Deebio became the only global supplier of crude kallidinogenase for Japanese partners with stable quality, considerate service and good reputation. At present, kallidinogenase basically occupies the national market. Deebio has become the world’s largest pancreatin supplier; the market shares of pepsin, trypsin-chymotrypsin and other products all exceed 30%; Deebio is also the only supplier for elastase, clear solution pepsin and High Lipase Pancreatin APIs in the global market. World-famous pharmaceutical companies as Sanofi, Celltrion and Nichi-Iko have established long-term and stable partnerships with Deebio.

“We appreciate your company’s excellence in quality and deep insight into the product market. You are an excellent API supplier.” Deebio’s Japanese partner Tohri & Company Ltd also expressed its recognition of Deebio in its letter of congratulations.

Continuous Investment to Achieve High-quality Development



According to Zhang Ge, product quality shall be the top priority to gain a foothold in the global bio-enzyme API field. To ensure the high quality of products, it is not enough to sheerly rely on funds or enthusiasm. It is necessary to continuously invest in technology, management and infrastructure. This is exactly what Deebio does.

Firstly, technology investment. In order to upgrade the technical management level, in 2003, Deebio established a joint venture called Deyang Sinozyme Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. jointly with a German partner that had better technologies and management capabilities. During the 18 years of cooperation, the German partner has regularly visited Deebio to give guidance and supervision, introducing advanced quality system management methods to Deebio, so as to raise Deebio’s quality system management capabilities to the highest international level.

In addition, Deebio continues to invest in technological research. In 1997, when Deebio was able to maintain its normal operation, it began to develop close industry-university-research cooperation with universities and research institutes, including Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Sichuan University, China Pharmaceutical University, etc.

With years of technical experience, Deebio has created a full-process enzyme activity protection, non-destructive activation and precise purification technology, producing high-activity, high-purity and high-stability bio-enzymes. In addition, Deebio is very skillful and experienced in the biological purification process technology and thus able to quickly develop new products and achieve mass production.

Secondly, management investment. Deebio’s production and quality management strictly follow the European GMP management system. It also has the quality system management capabilities of the US FDA, Japan PMDA, and South Korea MFDS.

Thirdly, production hardware investment. In 2003, when it was possible to build a factory with 5 million yuan, Deebio invested 4 times that amount to build the Sinozyme factory. In 2012, it invested again in the construction of the Deebio pharmaceutical factory. Today, Deebio has 4 GMP workshops with advanced equipment, such as a closed continuous automatic separating system and a fully automatic affinity chromatography system. It has also invested in the construction of a “garden-style” waste water treatment center with a daily treatment capacity of 1,000m³, which has passed the EHS audits of internationally renowned companies. Deebio has now become one of the largest API manufacturers of bio-enzyme in China.

Continuous accumulation over decades has created a competition barrier for Deebio that can hardly be surpassed by its peers.

Constant Improvement to Promote the Development of the Industry

Constant learning is the key to Deebio’s long-term industry leadership. Deebio not only continues to update and build factories but is also embarking on upgrading corporate management and strengthening the construction of the talent echelon. Deebio’s GMP workshop, constructed in accordance with FDA standards, was officially put into production in June. With the assistance of Sunsoar Strategy Consulting Company, Deebio’s corporate strategy has also been upgraded. In recent years, Deebio has been making great efforts to build a better team in all aspects from the training system and the assessment system to the talent system.

Deebio has also made new progress in qualifications and the markets. According to Zhang Ge, Deebio is applying for US FDA certification and Japan PMDA certification. This year, they will continue to develop the Japanese market together with Tohri & Company Ltd of Japan.

“Deebio’s equal attention to reform and industrial development is touching. And it has contributed to the development of our country’s biopharmaceuticals and enzyme preparations,” said Yu Rong, Director of the Department of Biotechnology and Pharmacology of West China School of Pharmacy, Sichuan University.

Deebio is like a scholar who is devoted to his research. He is low-profile, pragmatic and unassuming. He has won the global market with his strength and earned admiration and respect from both inside and outside the industry.

Influenced by the global pandemic, China’s API export future is promising. And due to the ongoing “supply-side” reform promoted by environmental protection, consistency evaluation and related review policies, APIs may enter a new era of development. On the mission of “Better Enzyme Better Life”, Deebio has allowed the world to witness the power of China’s bio-enzyme manufacturing with its outstanding performance. In the future, Deebio will also seize the opportunities of the times and lead the industry to a new level.

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